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Welcome to Once Upon a Time in The West

July 14-17 2016

Tickets still on sale, but remember they WON'T be for sale on the gate. Click on Booking above to take yourselves there.


Are you happy, friendly and laid-back enough to join our lovely audience? This year’s event grows just a little to make a couple more fun spaces without losing the small is beautiful feel; we retain our commtment to westcountry local while enticing some of our friends from the bigger events to come play for you, we try out a couple of ideas we fancied that we think you’ll like too. Independent, DIY, eccentric even, we rate smiles over sub-bass, Gypsy over Corporate, Ska over Skrillex or Slipknot, actual over synthetic: we like our sounds (and beats) the way we like our beer & cider, hand-crafted. Proper job, see? 


Running Orders now posted. They're here.

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Running Orders

Those are over on another page, the one called 'Venues'.
REMEMBER: we make a point of not opening bars or running live music on Sunday, at least for this year. We think your money is better spent on acts for Friday & Saturday!

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The Site

The Site is in the vicinity of Trowbridge and Westbury in Wiltshire, near main roads and railway.

Information for Residents
We have created a seperate information resource for residents near the site. If you live in the vicinity you will receive a letter including additional information, and contact information. Any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch...

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